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Express course

Bodyguard and Security training

1. The purpose of the training – training for providing of protection of VIP-person.

2. Task of the program – inform about duties of bodyguard, training for work in high stress level, training for high competence in making of decisions, training for team-work, education about preventive actions for providing of protection, training about actions in attack (included armed attack), training about effective and legal methods of not-armed combat, non-lethal weapons, and also firearms.

3. Duration – 48 hours.

4. Expected result – training of proffesional specialists for close-protection sector.

Training participants will be certified by International Bodyguard & Security Services Association.

Program content:

1). Professional requirements. Theory. Psychological requirements. The required physical condition. Necessary level of intelligence and education.

2). Actions in situation with high stress level. Theory. Information about actions in high stress level. Stress control.

3). Tactical trainings for VIP protection. Theory. Evaluation of situation. Planning of actions. Self-defence theory. Operative checking of quarters and other spaces. Tactics against armored attack.

4). Single work. Theory. Planning of actions. Main duties of single bodyguard. Actions for VIP protection. Preventive security actions. Actions against armed attack.

5). Team work. Theory. Team building. Leaders and executive. Psychological compatibility. Duties for each member of team. Coordination of tactical actions.

6). Legal information. Security documentation. Communication with official security structures (police). Legal aspects of using of not-lethal weapons and firearms.

7). Not-lethal weapons and other equipment. Not-lethal weapons (for bodyguard job) – types and characteristics. Methods of application of not-lethal weapons. Types of equipments. Choice of firearms.

8). Protective escort of VIP-person. Preparing of trips. Theory. Walking escort. Motorcar escort. Preparing of flights and railway trips. Choice and checking of planned living places.

9). Follow-up of Customer. Practice. Single and team walking escort. Fast evacuation of Customer in attack situation.

10). Explosive devices. Theory. Types of explosive devices. Methods of detection.

11). Explosive devices. Practice. Methods of explosive device detection in quarters and cars.

12). Safe handling of firearms. Practice. Information about correct actions for safe handling of firearms.

13). Shooting from stationary position. Practice. Right shooting position. Position of hands and eyes. Fast aiming. Practical shooting from stationary position.

14). Shooting in moving position. Practice. Shooting from different position – standing, sitting, lying down. Shooting on the move with changing of position. Shooting with VIP-protection elements.

Training participants will be certified by International Bodyguard & Security Services Association.


Training programms

Advanced course

  • Highest level professional training
  • shooting training
  • extreme driving
  • Price: 2500€

Main Course

  • Intensive professional training
  • shooting training
  • -
  • Price: 1400€

Express Course

  • Fast introduce to professional life
  • Basic shooting training
  • -
  • Cena: 900€

Shooting training

  • Special tactical shooting training
  • -
  • -
  • Price: 500€